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tinkrDIY: tinkrTOUCH Sensory Box - Unicorn and Rainbows

tinkrDIY: tinkrTOUCH Sensory Box - Unicorn and Rainbows

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• tinkrTOUCH Sensory Box •

Unicorn and Rainbows


Bring excitement to your little ones eyes with our tinkrDIY Unicorn and Rainbows Sensory Box! 
We want to make sure little ones are learning, discovering and growing and sensory play is a key part of that.
By being self led, it provides an opportunity for little ones to explore and engage which leads to a more in depth learning experience.
Bring magic to their day and watch their imagination soar with all things rainbow and unicorn! 



"Unicorn and Rainbows" Sensory Box Includes: 

Rainbow Rice

• Shovel

• Bouncy Ball

• Ribbon

• Assorted Flowers

• Assorted Pom Poms

• Toddler Tongs 

Please Note: Each box is unique so exact contents may differ from photo.



This Unicorn and Rainbows Kit is not intended for children under 3 without direct supervision. All pieces and parts should be considered a choking hazard.


tinkrTOUCH is a tinkrDIY Product Made in Michigan. When you purchase tinkrTOUCH Sensory Boxes, you are supporting tinkrLAB, a small woman owned business. Thank you for your support. 

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