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Super Sorting Pie

Super Sorting Pie

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Product description
Fruity pie teaches early number skills and attributes (color and fruit shapes). Place the sorting cards into the bottom of the pan to provide visual cues that support student success. Top crust becomes a bowl to conveniently hold counters. Jumbo tweezers reinforce fine motor skills. Includes 60 counters (7 fruits in 5 different colors), Plastic pie plate with cover & removable divider, 3 double-sided sorting cards, 2 jumbo tweezers, and activity guide. Pie measures 8.75" D.

Key Features :

A fun, fruity way to master early academic standards such as grouping, sorting, and countingWinner of 3 awards2 jumbo tweezers help kids strengthen their pincer grasp, which is important in holding a pencil
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