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Play Brainy: Matching Shapes and Colors Eggs

Play Brainy: Matching Shapes and Colors Eggs

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Play Brainy™ Color and Shape Matching Eggs Set – The ideal early development toy for your preschooler

Have you been looking for toys that are fun for your little one to play with, but that also help them learn and develop as they play?

Do you want to give your child an early head start on developing essential mental and motor skills?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then we’ve got the perfect solution for you!

Presenting ★Play Brainy™ 12 Matching Egg Toys★

At Play Brainy™ we’re always doing our best to design fun and unique educational toys to help children everywhere develop their spelling, reading, and mathematical skills in an exciting way. That’s why we’ve developed our color and shape matching eggs, which are perfect for giving toddlers and children in preschool a jumpstart on developing important developmental skills such as color and shape recognition, hand-to-eye coordination, logical thinking, and more.

The Play Brainy™ 12 color matching eggs are incredibly easy to play with. Inside each egg is a unique color and shape. As your little one learns to recognize the unique color and interior shape of every egg, they’ll learn to match each egg half with its corresponding correct half. As they start to correctly matching the eggs, your child will feel a sense of fulfillment that will encourage them to keep playing, educating themselves as they go along.

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