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Play Brainy: Dinosaur Matching Eggs

Play Brainy: Dinosaur Matching Eggs

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Make play time even more exciting for young learners with this colorful matching egg game featuring a super cute dinosaur hidden inside each one.

Matching games are a wonderful way to inspire early learners because they give them multiple ways to learn and interact with the toys. Especially when they’re fun shapes that are easy to recognize and always get kids excited about learning! We created this dinosaur-themed Play Brainy Matching Eggs carton that features cute, colorful dinosaurs inside to help them learn and grow beyond simple letters and numbers. In fact, our dinos come in different shapes and colors to give them multiple ways to strengthen recognition and memorization skills.

Realistic Egg Carton Storage

One of the most fun and exciting aspects of our matching egg game is that they actually come in a stylized plastic egg carton. This makes them easier to organize and stack the dinosaurs while kids are playing, but also helps you pack them up and take them with you wherever their day of play might lead.

Product Details:

  • Interactive Matching Eggs Game (12 Pc. Set)
  • Features a Colorful Dinosaur in Each Egg
  • Includes 12 Dino Shapes in 6 Vibrant Colors
  • Compact and Portable for Home or Travel Play
  • Safe for Small Hands and Young Children ( 3 and Up)
  • Heavy-Duty, BPA-Free Plastic Construction
  • Convenient Snap-Close Egg Carrier Storage


Play Brainy matching eggs toys make learning about colors, shapes, and adorable dinosaurs even more fun for young minds with hands-on play that inspires positive early learning.

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