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Bioserie Toys Interlocking Disks

Bioserie Toys Interlocking Disks

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The Bioserie Interlocking Disks toy made is from 100% plant-based materials and designed to promote learning and coordination in babies.

Your little one has discovered something amazing—he has hands! As he learns to use them, he makes another grand discovery: he can grab things. Now everything is fair game. His bottle, his binky, your hair (and it isn’t until he has a nice handful that you realize how strong his grip is). Your baby’s hands are his first tool for interacting with the world. 

Bioserie Interlocking Disks are a fresh take on a time-honored Montessori toy. The Montessori method of education focuses on child-centered learning and intentional skill-building. When your baby plays with Bioserie Interlocking Disks, he practices manipulating objects and hones his motor skills. The contrasting colors get his attention and the alternated textures feel exciting to his growing fingertips.

Made with 100% plant-based materials, this eco-friendly toy is safe for your baby to chew on to his heart’s content. You can rest easy knowing he’s learning, growing, and playing—all without danger to him or the plant. (And with any luck, your hair will be safer too.)

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